Agile Marketing Workshop

Agile Marketing Workshop in Canada


This Advanced Agile Marketing Workshop Part 2 builds on the Foundations of the Introductory Workshops offered at University in Toronto or Montreal

Important Prerequisite: Students must have completed an Introduction to Agile Marketing before Registering for this Workshop.

  • Module 5 - Teamwork in Agile Marketing

  • Module 6 - Agile Marketing Iterative Delivery

  • Module 7 - Real World Agile Marketing Cases

  • Module 8 - Apply Agile Marketing Today

Agile Marketing Learning Objectives

  • Marketers will Examine how they, their current team and organizational teamwork Work and Promote Sharing by Applying Agile Marketing

  • Marketers will be able to Justify their Choice when deciding between Agile Project Management and Frameworks Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban

  • Marketers will Formulate their own Agile Personal Vision based on Real World Agile Marketing Examples and Cases

  • Marketers will Generate their Personal Agile Marketing Plan and Learn How to Start Scaling Agile within their Organization


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