Agile Marketing Workshop Montreal

Agile Marketing Workshop in Montreal Quebec


Let's Start, are you familiar with the Agile Marketing Manifesto?

Please read the Manifesto or Learn it by Taking Quebec's First Agile Marketing University Course! Montreal's Marketing Agility Bootcamp for Marketers.

Agility in Marketing serves as a Driver of Individual and Organizational Effectiveness.

Agile Marketing emerged from the well-established philosophy and principles practiced and applied in Agile Software Development.

Without Agility, even after years of experience, some Marketers lament being engaged Daily in Marketing Activities as opposed to actively Creating Real Value for Customers.

Without Agile Marketing, some departments risk remaining entrenched in Silo Structures - preventing timely responses to Customer Needs and New Opportunities.

How can we best deliver Value to our Customers?

From Novice Marketers to Executives, Agile Marketing is being adopted as a Way of Thinking, Working and Sharing in Organizations Worldwide in order to gain Maximum Value from Marketing Activities in order to continuously provide Value for Customers.

Every Marketer must adapt in Today’s Market Environment plagued by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. If we don’t change our Marketing, the Market will inevitably Change Us!

  • Module 1 - Agile Marketing Basics (Transparency, Inspection, Adaptation)

  • Module 2 - Client Trust and Minimal Viability

  • Module 3 - Experimentation based on Data

  • Module 4 - “How To” Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing Learning Objectives

  • Marketers will Understand the Agile Marketing Basics and how Agile Values can transform the Way we Think, Work and Share in Marketing

  • Marketers will know how to Execute Minimal Viable Campaigns that fosters Trust based on Real Customer Needs

  • Marketers will know how to Differentiate between Opinions and Validated Learning through Data-Driven Experimentation

  • Marketers will be able to Select Marketing Work and KPIs that Prioritize Customer Value and ensure higher levels of Success


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