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Agile Marketing and Privacy Considerations

Brief Reading Assignment for Agile Marketing Students

Apple Stepping Up Privacy

As we explore Agile Marketing we discover how Consumers have lost their Trust in some Corporations and Corporate Marketing due to lack of Transparency.

IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) was a Start to provide a form of Privacy but the way it is captured, tracked and shared in App Advertising is creating growing concerns. iOS 14 is ramping up privacy protection by allowing us to choose whether or not we want to to opt into tracking.

As Apple points out, without better Privacy Rules of Engagement, at the very least you should be clearly informed that “your information is for sale, YOU have become the Product”.

There is more at stake in Privacy as can be observed from the exchanges between Facebook and Apple

Harvard sides with Apple.

We invite your to read the February edition of the Harvard Business Review:

Facebook’s Misleading Campaign Against Apple’s Privacy Policy


Facebook, in our view, cherry-picked the data they thought best supported its case, and the cherry wasn’t even good.

Photo Credit: Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash